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Hi! At last we meet (well kinda). I guess I did this backwards, but that is how I do things anyway. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mikki (aka Mouse). We live in South Florida. I am a 30 something year old mom, wife, retired paramedic & adopted doggie, parrot,& fish parent. My hobbies are the above mentioned as well as auto restoration, drawing, and civil rights issues (mainly concerning BSL issues). I started these pages to bring attention to BSL & dangerous dog concerns. I hope to reach people by way of entertainment, as well as important links to understanding the dog behind the myth. I felt that puting faces to the page would make it more personal, maybe get more people involved. So welcome to the three ring circus that I call my family.

You can always tell a native in Florida. They are the ones that actually do the speed limit & don't have a suntan (who has time?). Here are my beach babies at Dania beach

I Keep telling him, "You can't ride this Harley"! But do husbands ever listen?

Leader of the pack(?)

Next time you hear a blown up story of a pit bull attack, picture this. HELP!!!! He's licking & I can't get up!!!

A word of caution as well as advise before vieving this next picture:

This is a grafic photo of a savage pit bull attack!

When picking a family pet ALWAYS do careful research as to the breed of children that will be exposed to this animal. Children should always be supervised when a new pet comes into a home! Attacks such as this can can happen in just a matter of seconds! Make sure that your children are properly vaccinated,& have been seen by their doctor!

View with caution!!!!!


Even before Harley doned his leather cap & flag bandana, he was a puppy with a cause! Here is Harley & my little rascal at a S.E. ABATE rights rally (Harley's first big outing).

My how quick they grow! This time (one year later), it takes 2 hands to handle the Harley!

This was the last picture taken of CZ. We miss you puppy.

OK, not to show bias. We also Luv our Birdies & Fishies

This is one of our Quakers, Chevy. He is visiting with his wet friend Goldenshloger

Diablo (Obby) came to us neglected & abused. Not a whole lot is knowen about him, other than he was at one time stolen from his home, escaped the "Bad Guys" and returned home in very poor condition, possibly used as a bait dog. It is unknowen if his former owner no longer wanted him in the condition he was in, or just couldn't afford to get the medical care he needed. She brought Obby to the PetSmart where my older son was working at the time & just gave the dog to the first taker (my son). He was so neglected that his immune system was so low that he contracted parvo two weeks after he came to live with us, we almost lost him again. Thanks to Dr. Lumberg (and staff) as well as his grandaughter Christinea, what appeared to be hopeless was not! Diablo is now a healthy well adjusted LOVING part of out family. He is our miricle dog.

"And they call it puppy love" (just be grateful you don't have to hear me sing):)

Ruger came to live with us briefly, unfortunatly, he was just a little to ruogh on Harley. Shhhh..... Harley would not want it to get out that he was beat up by a Beagle.

Obby is now a real party animal, he thinks he's Joe Cool in Mommy's shades.

I wonder??? Does Harley want to give kisses, or have a snack?

Pops always says I LuvMydoggies more than him!(Actually, I think his true love is his Gold Wing)

This my Alpha Puppy with My Alpha Pup, can you guess which one is which?

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