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This ain't all 'bout dawgs. Ya got ya cards 'an some funny stuff too! Y'all com'on an visit
Vom Haus Adkins German Shepherd post cards: I dedicated this link to the memory of my beloved Ceasar, he was my friend, my confidant & sometimes my Kleenex. I Luv this doggie. He will be greatly missed

War Dogs: "That's, yes Doggie SIR, to you"! An important link, please take a look.

Canine Legislation Issues.: Your rights as pet owners as well as your pets may end up in the grave if you ignore these issues & think it can not happen to you!

Humans 4 anti-BSL: What is BSL? Now mind you this is a family friendly page..... (though you are most likely correct). All kidding aside, if you own a Poodle or a Great Dane, BSL can have an effect on you! Pet owners beware!

The official ADOA web site: If you own a dog, then you should be a member. The ADOA is for ALL dog owners.

American Pit Bull Terrier FAQ: "The facts Mame (or sir), just the facts"

The Pit Bull Reporter: Lots o' links, and info.

The UKC Page: What the UKC is about & the breeds that are proudly accepted by it!

Dog owners Guide profile APBT: Now you tell me...... Who needs the leash?

Lone Star State Pit Bull Club: OK, maybe you won't find Annette at one of this mouses favorite clubs, but there is some darn good reading here!

Dog Writes: If dogs could talk......

New Dog Breeds: Intrested in getting a pooch? RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! Would you love to hate someone? Screw the cutsie cards, be irregular!

OH MY GOODNESS (not a responce that is the name): A card shop just for S&G's

Tarrot Course: Take "One Step Beyond"

Beckys Card Shop: A super store of free E-cards

The Uncle Dave Organization: This was still America last time I looked! Stand up for your beliefs & your rights!



On Thursday June 24, 1999 we lost one of the greatest treasures god has allowed us to have. Ceasar passed away in the early hours of the morning. Dispite the misery he had endured early on in his life, I give him back to god knowing that his last few years were filled with love & kindness. He died peacefuly in his sleep. He will be greatly missed, and always loved. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Harley & Ceasar, American as hot dogs!


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Hi to all my friends, and even some of my foes. Though my zest for adventure has taken me around a bit, here I am a settled, adjusted, mini van driving housewife & mother. NOT!!!! Well the wife & mother part is right (hey, leave the "F" word off the end of mother). Glad that you came to visit! Anyone who knows me is aware that my main ambition in life is to have fun. I hope you enjoy many of the links that I found amusing, but..... I do have a hidden agenda. Those of you who do not know me, can most likely tell that I am quite fond of dogs! My German Shepherd "Ceasar" was an abused neglected dog who came to us at about the age of five (we had no way of telling for sure as many of his teeth were broken). He was a dog nobody wanted to keep! An aggressive fear biter, he was destine to a horrible death at a shelter! We took him in, gave him love & in return got the best friend that no money in the world can buy! He has been with us now for five years.** Last year, I went to the pet store to get a breeding tank for my fish (yes, I Luv fishies too, and most birds, reptiles, rodents, horses & yes Bruce, even cats), a man standing outside the store asked me if I wanted one of the puppies he had in his truck. "For a bag of dog food, one of these $300.00 dogs can be yours"! Three of the sweetest little dogs in the world, only four weeks old! I had to take at least one. But what would my husband say? He was not all to fond of dogs let alone Pit Bulls. Well, I took the little Pit Bull home anyway , named him Harley (now my husband has his "Harley"). One day I had walked into our family room to find Joe cuddling Harley & calling him his "baby puppy human". Harley is a dopey, funny, clown who fumbles & bumbles his way into the hearts of all those who meet him. A product of mass media & lies,a great deal of people don't even know an APBT when they see one, only the reputation! As pictured above The APBT was at one time a symbol of the U.S.A. strong & brave! The APBT was once the sweetheart of America having been endeared by the public in the form of Petie the pup from "The Little Rascals", as well as a loving & trusted companion to Helen Keller! Have fun & enjoy the links here, but please take the time to read about & understand some of the wonderful qualities of the dogs so many mislead individuals would like to deprive us of!

We would like you to join us in welcoming the latest addition to our family! Diablo is a red nose pit bull that was a "situation" brought home by my oldest son Joey. Diablo (named for his beautiful red brindle color) was abused & neglected (much like my beloved CZ, there was an instant bond between he & I). I took him in on the condition that we nurse him back to health & find him a good home. No sooner did he start to improve, he contracted parvo. We almost lost him if not for the vigaliance of our Vet. Dr. Lumberg & his staff. They are heaven sent. His health is improving as I write, and has found his special place as a member of our family. By nature, this breed of dog is the ideal of mans (or, womans & childrens) best friend.

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!! In as much as I HATE to make this request, I am pleading with all Pit Bull & AM Staff owners... PLEASE keep your babies out of your local Bark Parks (Doggie Parks). The reason I make this request is due to the ignorance of the general public! I decided one day to take my Diablo to the local doggie park & show off his beautiful looks & disposition. Diablo is quite used to making public appearances & is what you can call a local celebraty in some circles. He has been in photos & has had articles written about him in local magazines.Certainally Diablo made quite an impression on most of the folks at the park. The mommy of a young Shar-Pei named Bubbah was hugging, petting & kissing Diablo, not realizing her own dog was aware that "another dog" was recieving "his" rightful attention. In a matter of seconds after Diablo walked away, there was yelling, screaming & snarling! There was a strange man beating my Diablo over the head with a rolled up news paper screaming on the top of his lungs "LET GO, LET GO". There was my Diablo, helpless, with his entire muzzle clamped inside the mouth of the other dog, people around the park were buzzing about the "Pit Bull" attack. My son saw the whole situation from start to finish. When Diablo walked away from Buddah's mommy, the young dog lunged at Diablo. It is only natural, you do not have to be a Pit Bull to defend yourself. Yet, Buddahs mom was yelling that the same dog she had just been cuddling with, is a vicous dangerous "Pit Bull" & should NEVER have been allowed in the park. Now mind you, a Shar-Pei is a formitable contender for a dog such as Diablo, and if they [Shar-Pei] were as populas as the American Pit Bull, they would too be suffering the same stigma. As a matter of fact if anyone was to look up breeds targeted for BSL, the Shar-Pei stands right along with the Pit Bulls, Rotties, Chows & so forth. So PLEASE I ask once again, do not bring your Pit Bulls or Am Staffs to the doggie park. Public ignorance seems to outweigh owner pride. It is just not fair that a sweet friendly dog such as Diablo can only sit at the door & cry to go out & play, but untill we go to court, is only allowed out if necessary & must be muzzled (which scares the crap out of people). We as pet parents need to stand up for our babies. As long as people remain ignorant, our dogs remain in danger. Please feel free to send your love & support to Diablo at the following address

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